On the road to the trail


By Anna Conway, staff writer
Prospect’s newest production “The Trail to Oregon” will take the stage at the high school’s theater Oct. 27-29 at 7 p.m.
Written by Prospect alumnus Jeff Blim, this play is a twist on the popular ‘90s video game “Oregon Trail.” A pioneer family is trying to leave Missouri to find a better life in Wyoming, but they encounter some problems along the way. The wagon, weather, food, geography and even an evil man called the Bandit King cause destruction in their path.
Besides the struggles, the story is conveyed in a zany and wacky way. It consists of family drama, but also comedy.
Unlike most plays, the audience actually determines how parts of the show will unravel. The attendees choose the names of the family and they decide which character won’t make it through the journey. Student director Rhegan Graham believes it is a “pretty unique take” on the show, while teacher director Jeremy Morton stresses the importance of the audience’s role in the production.
“I hope we have a good audience who’s ready to have fun because without them coming out and having fun, the actors won’t have as much fun,” Morton said.
Because the actors don’t know which way the play will go, the outcome can be unpredictable.  Everyone involved in the production has been working hard since the beginning of September. From two-hour to sometimes six-hour practices, they have been challenged and excited to put on a play for Prospect.
Although the plot can get very absurd, there is a message hidden beneath the madness. Family bonding can be seen as the pioneer family unites to get through the hardships that come their way.
“[The message] conveyed in a silly way, but it’s still there,” Graham said.
It is important to Morton that Prospect students attend the play because the kids have put so much effort into preparing it.
“Comedies don’t work when there isn’t an audience,” Morton said. “So I’m hoping Prospect comes and supports the production.”