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11/3/09 Diet soda: I don't care how much artificial sweetener you put in, or how many advertisements you have claiming that it tastes just like the original. Diet soda tastes like butt. Plain and simple. So if you want to ingest that crap, which by the way is worse for you than regular soda over a long period of time (I'm looking at you, Diet Coke addicts), be my guest. But don't you dare tell me that I "might as well drink it because it tastes the same." Liar! Winter clothing: No more freezing in the cafeteria while wearing a T-shirt. No more trying to match my shoes to my skirt! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, winter clothing season has officially started, which means you can all look forward to seeing me in sweatpants, sweatshirts, and sweaters (basically anything that starts with sweat....ew) starting now!
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Creative “Zombieland” is anything but lifeless

The British film "Shaun of the Dead" pretty much pioneered the sub-genre of zombie-romantic-comedies, or "zom-rom-com's." It perfectly mixed humor, action, horror, romance, and the undead with some memorable characters and a witty script to get an amazing finished product. "Shaun" actually ranks as one of my favorite movies of all time. "Zombieland" is in the same genre as "Shaun." It too, is a zom-rom-com. But the only difference between the two is that "Zombieland" is American. And it's quite proud to display its nationality.
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South Production To Bring Laughs and Italian Accents

Romeo, oh Romeo, Wherefore art thou Romeo? The answer? As the students involved in South Middle School’s drama program prepare for the mid-October opening of its fall production of Nathan Hartswick’s suspense-comedy Death by Dessert, a more modern Romeo is busy busing tables on the set of a makeshift Italian restaurant in Arlington Heights.