Best Dahm songs

December 18, 2012

By Aungelina Dahm Executive Sports Editor| Track: The Morning Artist: The Weeknd Album: Trilogy Genre: R&B/Soul Release Date: November 13, 2012 I feel like for the past few times I have written this...

Wacky news

December 18, 2012

              By Brian Park Executive In-Depth Editor| Story: The US company J&D’s has come out with a brand new product-- Bacon Shaving Cream. With the motto,...

Long name brings unpredictable raps

December 18, 2012

Nathan Katzman Staff Writer| Adding on to the ridiculously long title that no one is going to be able to memorize after another couple albums come out, singer and songwriter Nicki Minaj released her third...

Thrifting online

December 18, 2012

By Katie Best Managing Editor| While thrifting is a form of shopping that can be done in the city, it has also become a sensation on the wonderful web as well. There are various websites online where one...

In the right 'Direction'

December 18, 2012

By Mary-Kate Moloney Staff Writer| Hanson, Backstreet Boys and Nsync were all the rage of teenage girls in the 90’s. Then of course there was the Jonas Brothers fad. But you can’t forget about Big...

Book Bites honors past PHS student

December 18, 2012

By Kelly Schoessling Executive Entertainment Editor| Advisor of the library Christie Sylvester pulls out a small blue book and opens the dog-eared cover open. She turns each page showing the different...

'The Sparrow' goes to state

December 15, 2012

By Anna Boratyn Executive Opinion Editor| At the meeting held on Nov. 26, of the cast and crew members from "The Sparrow," Director Jeremy Morton thanked the members for their dedication. "I thanked them...

'Time Keeper,' inspiring book

December 14, 2012

By Khrystyna Halatyma Executive In-Depth Editor| Mitch Albom takes on a task many religions and beliefs strive to understand, “Why are our days limited?” Where religions and sciences fail or become...

Unfortunate revival of 'Red Dawn'

December 14, 2012

By Gracie McKay Staff Writer| All the students at Prospect High School can agree that nothing is more awful than those emails from the deans stating the rules about school dances, which are followed by...

Awkward moment with Kelly

December 13, 2012

By Kelly Schoessling Executive Entertainment Editor| Let’s be honest with each other, teenagers are overdramatic. Trust me, I’m one of them. We like to think that every single event that happens in...

'Pi' not a movie about numbers

December 13, 2012

By Ellen Siefke Features Editor| As Piscine Molitor Patel, more commonly known simply as Pi, gasps for breath as he lay in a lifeboat. Thinking that he alone survived a catastrophic shipwreck in the Manchurian...

Looking left and right

December 12, 2012

By Anna Boratyn Executive Opinion Editor| Like every other teenage internet activist on the planet, I believe that the "internet should be free."  And kumbaya, to you too.  But what does freedom entail? To...

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