Tattoos: Judgement free zone

October 9, 2014

By Iulia Vesel Opinion Editor "My wife died two years ago” and “YOLO.” What do these two sentences have in common? They’re both acceptable reasons to get a tattoo. Even though tattoos now have a hip, modern touch, this art has been around for more than 200 years. After the 1800s, a rough form of it ...

Aungelina's advice for the freshman girls

Aungelina's advice for the freshman girls

August 21, 2014

By Aungelina Dahm Managing Editor High school. It’s a world of petty girl fights, crushing on the boy next to you in class and worrying about your next AP test. No matter if you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, you have or probably will experience some of the exciting instances stated...

Things to remember during high school

August 20, 2014

By Isabelle Rogers Entertainment Editor Freshman year: No matter how you picture it, your first day of high school will probably be as mundane as the next kid’s. You’ll be over prepared when it comes to supplies, and you’ll have that "fresh out of middle school" air emanating off of you. Ignore...

Senior lockers: do they matter?

August 20, 2014

Jack Ryan News Editor Tradition, a word that is binded to Prospect High School. Traditions come and go at Prospect like Knight Games, senior pranks and possibly senior lockers getting switched. “No senior has told me that they are excited to have their lock on the first floor,” Associate Principal McDermott sa...

How to get involved

August 20, 2014

Katy Ryan In-Depth Editor A new school year means new classes, new teachers, new friends and new possibilities.  Starting fresh can be both exciting and intimidating.  A good way to combat nerves and to feel more comfortable at Prospect is to join a club, sport or other activity.  This allows you to...

Assigned reading worth the effort

May 27, 2014

By Kelly Schoessling Editor-in-Chief   ...

School system's "bad rap" holds untrue

March 7, 2014

By Lauren Miller Multimedia Editor Eighth grader Devoin Allen lives in the not-so-nice part of Chicago, the part your mom tells you to stay far away from. Last year, his school closed. Allen’s school was just one of 43 public schools in the city of Chicago that closed last June. Unfortunately, Allen’s sto...

Surviving the Super Bowl for non-football fans

February 15, 2014

By Alyssa Duetsch Staff Writer "So who do you want to win the Super Bowl?" Time out. You don't even know who's playing. The dreaded question has finally found its way to you. You throw the question back at them and agree with their answer as if you knew the whole time. If this is something you can relate to, ...

Valentine's Day survival guide

February 14, 2014

By: Lauren Miller Broadcast Editor Whether you are recently single, in a dry spell, or eternally alone, we all must suffer through the dreaded day, Feb. 14. As females, it is our duty, as well as misfortune, to endure this holiday, but fear not, for this day does not have to become an annual hindrance. Ra...

Internet more good than bad

January 16, 2014

By Caroline Binley Opinion Editor Anyone who’s lived in the age of the internet has been warned about its dangers. No, I’m not talking about creepy old men who live in their basements and dream about offering us candy, or anything remotely close to that. I mean the dangers we pose to ourselves once we ...

Angry thoughts: insults

January 14, 2014

Ask any English teacher and they’ll tell you that teenagers have bad vocabularies. Not only bad, but lazy. Especially when it comes to insulting one another (a pastime enjoyed by nerds, jocks, burnouts and preppies alike), teenagers are remarkably uncreative. Sure, sometimes someone will string tog...

Dealing with family during the holidays

January 1, 2014

By Katie Gravagna Staff Writer You can lock your doors and bar your windows, you can store enough canned food to last for years, but you'll never keep them out. I'm talking, of course, about visiting relatives. Most people have at least one relative that comes calling during the holiday season: the Burea...

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