TLC needs to stop Jon and Kate before it's too late

Spencer and Heidi Pratt dressed up as Jon and Kate Gosselin for Halloween on Oct. 31st.
Spencer and Heidi Pratt dressed up as Jon and Kate Gosselin for Halloween on Oct. 31st. (Photo Courtesy of

By Keelan Murphy
Executive In-Depth Editor
We’re tired of choosing sides. We get it. Jon’s a jerk. Kate’s bossy. We don’t need constant tabloid reminders about our once favorite couple’s affairs and their extravagant purchases. As fans, we want what we’ve always wanted…to see how the kids are doing.
After the season premiere of Jon and Kate Plus Eight in September, where the couple announced their separation, the show suddenly wasn’t cute anymore. Instead of “aww-ing” at the sextuplet’s adventures in butterfly land, I found myself distracted by Kate’s expensive clothes and high heels.
It wasn’t just her attire that was distracting, but her fear of bugs. It’s clear that the show isn’t about the kids anymore, but Kate herself. No wonder the TLC network is changing the show title to Kate Plus Eight.

I then realized the show, as we know it, is over. We just need the TLC network to make it official.
Just a year ago, the Gosselins renewed their vows while vacationing in Hawaii. Now, imagine being one of the Gosselin kids, and watching the wedding video on TV. There you are, a flower girl or ring bearer, presenting your mom with a lei to represent your parents’ “everlasting love.”
The next episode that comes on TV is a year later. Your parents are amidst an angry divorce, you and the other kids get little or no air-time while your mom talks about how hard it is trying to balance being a single mom of eight with her national book tour. And your dad? He’s in New York City with his new girlfriend and Ed Hardy t-shirts.
Family issues like these are personal, but these kids are too young to know that. The parents, however, are perfectly capable of understanding the harm they may be causing.
Jon, in an interview with The Insider finally admitted that the show may be harming his kids. But wait, this interview took place less than a month after he, himself, was fired from his own show. Ohhh… so now it’s hurting the kids.
And Kate, the seemingly more responsible parent also seems to have an ulterior motive. During last week’s “You Ask, Kate Answers” session, Kate admitted that she would like to become an actress.
“I’ve done enough years of TV that I feel like it’s a normal, comfortable, natural place for me to be,” Kate said. “I would love to be in a movie at some point.”
Kate also confessed that the show is the family’s main source of income. So, the Gosselins are, admittedly, in it for the money. And the fame.
Why is the TLC Network allowing this?
Publicizing these children’s lives, in my opinion, is a small form of child abuse. We’ve watched them through potty-training and seen every tantrum these kids have thrown.
This is unfair to the Gosselin kids. Especially Mady, who seems to throw a fit in every episode. She is always the one crying, mad or angry. One day she will watch her childhood tantrums and be filled with embarrassment, knowing all of America has seen her temper-tantrums.
She’s only 9 years old. I don’t blame her at all for wanting attention, with a twin sister who is clearly favored by Jon and six demanding five-year-old siblings, who wouldn’t need a little tender love and care?
But, the TLC Mady needs can only be provided by her parents. Not a network.  The Network is giving the Gosselin kids a reputation and they don’t even know the meaning of the word.