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The Student News Site of Prospect High School


The Student News Site of Prospect High School


Student teacher Kacper Zyra helping out a student with math.

The process of student teaching

Alyssa Kowols, Associate Editor-in-Chief of ProspectorNow April 22, 2024

“What is the tallest type of grass?”  That’s just one type of trivia question that math student teacher Kacper Zyra asks his class. Other than trivia, he plays games with the class like Wordle...

Girlhood influences

Sarah George, Executive Arts & Entertainment Editor/Executive Visual Editor April 12, 2024

First generation families at Prospect

Amelia Maslowski, KnightVoices Executive Producer March 25, 2024

Sofia Kielczewski celebrates her leap year birthday with friends and a cake that has a 4 candle. (Photo courtesy of Sofia Kielczewski)

Leap Year babies don’t skip celebration

Mary Robinson, Features Reporter March 12, 2024

Every year when people have birthdays they are always asked how old they are turning. When sophomore Sofia Kielczewski said that she is four years old, people who have just met her are usually confused....

Ashley, in the purple, joins Best Buddies on a field trip.

Ashleys story: Life with chronic illness

Molly Mundt, Features Reporter March 12, 2024

Junior Ashley Pappas was six years old when she started noticing intense stomach pains. Thinking she was just making an excuse to get out of school, Ashley's mom thought nothing of it until Ashley started...

Strong bonds despite different blood

Kaia Mavradas, Features Reporter March 5, 2024

Swimming around to cool down from the Arizona heat, seven-year-old Mateo Hintch was enjoying his spring break with his family. As he was talking to his parents in the pool, a few kids walked up to him. “Why...

Child of same-sex parents proves it’s parenting that matters

Dylan Maye, Arts & Entertainment Reporter March 5, 2024

For his whole life, senior Jack Zimo has pretty much only known his life with his mom and step-mom. After his mom and dad divorced when Zimo was two, his mom eventually married her long-time friend Joan...

The power of music

Sarah Matzkin, News Reporter March 5, 2024

Preview into a student musician

Justin Peabody, Copy Editor February 26, 2024

New Years resolution talk

Amelia Maslowski, KnightVoices Executive Producer February 15, 2024

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