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Retrogaming flash from the past: The Arcade Age Exhibit

Dean Carlson, Executive Online Editor January 29, 2023

Reporter Dean Carlson takes a dive into the Arcade Age Exhibit, created by Seamus Keane, that was held at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Talking about the significance of retro gaming, we need...

The beat goes on

The beat goes on

Justin Peabody, Features Reporter January 27, 2023

Every 3 days, a highschool student loses their life to sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). The Max Schewitz Foundation exists to educate school communities about SCA and offers EKG screenings to students every...

Block schedule passes in staff vote, potential for change

Block schedule passes in staff vote, potential for change

Kevin Lynch, Editor-in-Chief January 15, 2023

On Dec. 19-21, staff voted on whether to continue with the A/B block schedule that Prospect has employed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic or to return to the traditional eight-period schedule....

Anna Parisi and Emily Naveja lift up Kelly Jordan during their performance.

Photo album: Prospect Dance Show 2022

Emma Letzig, Online Editor-in-Chief December 19, 2022

Photo courtesy

Blast off: New Nasa rocket “Orion” makes safe landing

Sienna Demonte, Executive Features Editor December 17, 2022

NASA is celebrating the most powerful rocket sent out of the atmosphere with the launch of The Orion spacecraft. This rocket surpassed the distance record of 248,654 miles and achieved its goal of 280,000...

Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

The Shot that shook Mount Prospect

Dean Carlson, Executive Online Editor December 13, 2022

On what seemed to be a normal Thursday morning, Kelly Simon was suddenly woken up by simultaneous gunshots that she, at first, thought to be construction.  “I got out of bed super quick and said...

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Q&A with a first-time voter

Billy Buelow, Sports Reporter December 6, 2022

Interview with Benjamin Shram   Q: Where/how did you vote? (by mail or in person) and why? A: “I voted in person, I never really thought about voting by mail.” Q: Who encouraged you...

Public speaker Calvin Terrell talks to the Prospect student body. (Photo by Alyssa Degan)

Calvin Terrell shifts Prospect’s culture

Kaylie Pasternak and Amanda Feinberg December 5, 2022

“I am not a Republican; I am not a Democrat, I am not an anarchist; I am not a Libertarian: I am a soul,” speaker Calvin Terrell said to the Prospect student body at the assembly on Tuesday, Nov. 29...

Photo courtesy of Mark Ciske

Schuler to leave D214, looks towards national stage

Kevin Lynch, Editor-in-Chief December 4, 2022

After 17 years as the Superintendent of Schools in District 214, Dr. David Schuler will be stepping down in February of 2023. He will be assuming the role of Executive Director and CEO of the American...

Image courtesy Wiki Commons.

“The Great War”: TicketMaster vs. The Swifties

Mollie Kearns, Executive News Editor December 4, 2022

For as long as she can remember, junior Madelyn Mann has been a fan of Taylor Swift. Essentially growing up listening to Swift’s music, Mann has memories of dancing to the “Love Story” music video...

Prospect Physics teacher, Katie Page, accepts her award for Physics Teacher of the Year at Northern Illinois University. (Photo courtesy Dave Page)

Page honored as high school Physics teacher of the year

Kaylie Pasternak, Managing Editor December 4, 2022

Prospect Physics teacher Katie Page received a mysterious call on a random Wednesday. At first she thought that the caller had the wrong phone number, but they did not. The caller was a member of the American...

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