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Image courtesy of Netflix

The Killer rivets with a unique take on guns-for-hire

Dylan Maye, Entertainment Reporter December 6, 2023

Picture this: you’re sitting down on your couch to watch the latest Netflix action-thriller, and after a hyper-stylized opening credits sequence, you start the movie staring at Michael Fassbender sitting...

Image credit: Epic Games

‘Fortnite OG’ changed everything and nothing

Xander Adkins, Executive Opinion Editor December 2, 2023

The year is 2018, and a middle school me is listening in on a heated debate at the lunch table. “Dude, Ninja would clap DrLupo in a 1v1, easy.” A classmate argued. “Are you kidding me? Have...

Photo courtesy of USA Today.

‘Priscilla review’- was there really “Burning Love?”

Sarah Matzkin, News Reporter November 28, 2023

I sat down in the theater with my friends and our overpriced popcorn (obviously I snuck in my own snacks, but don’t tell AMC), and settled in for the hour and fifty-minute movie I had no expectations...

“All the Light We Cannot See” should not be seen

“All the Light We Cannot See” should not be seen

Madeline Aldworth November 28, 2023

Scrolling through the endless options on Netflix, my mom and I looked for something new to watch (sorry “Heartstopper,” “Emily in Paris,” and “The Good Place,” but I have rewatched you waaay...

Hamilton’s Poignant Message

Dylan Maye, Entertainment Reporter November 21, 2023

Reporter Dylan Maye discusses Hamilton's return to Chicago and the show's impactful and unique message.

TSITP Review

TSITP Review

Amelia Maslowksi, Brooke Michalczyk, Abby Damasky and Amanda Feinberg review the second season of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

Taylor Swift movie poster.

Taylor Swift stadium film: are you “…Ready For It?”

Lucia Peshek November 20, 2023

After ten albums, four re-recordings, and 243 songs, Taylor Swift made the executive decision to go on what she calls “The Eras Tour”. After Swift noticed that many of her fans were left unhappy when...

Amber Moore (Rose McIver) stares lovingly into Prince Richard’s (Ben Lamb) eyes at the Christmas Eve Ball. (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

A Christmas Prince: Royally Awful— And I Can’t Wait To See It Again

Sage Gilliland November 20, 2023

A Christmas Prince is so cheesy it would send a lactose-intolerant person into anaphylactic shock. The representation was dubious. The cinematography was about as bland as expired milk. The romance was...

The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We album cover

The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We review

Nicole Antczak November 16, 2023

Human beings are good at a lot of things: throwing things, running around, and being sad. The last one is probably the easiest to do. See, throwing things and running around take effort to do. You have...

Album cover of the Zach Bryan album.

Review of Zach Bryan’s New Album: Zach Bryan

Zoe Brown, Knight TV Sports Director November 9, 2023

After Zach Bryan released his incredible album “American Heartbreak” on May 20, 2022, fans knew it was going to be a hard one to top. But on August 25, 2032, he released his new album titled Zach Bryan,...

A review of Ken Carson’s “A Great Chaos”

A review of Ken Carson’s “A Great Chaos”

Jonah Silverman, Sports Reporter November 9, 2023

Green Room -9.3/10 Starting out with a very catchy synth-wave intro going into a very catchy and hard beat, this song is a very strong opener for what will turn out to be an incredible album. Best line:...

Photo Courtesy from Peacock

FNAF jumpscares its way to the cinema

Dean Carlson, Executive Online Editor November 4, 2023

7 years ago, I transferred middle schools. One thing that the students at this new school played that the other didn't was a survival horror game called Five Nights at Freddy’s. I immediately fell in...

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