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Mental health days change outlook on mental health

Mental health days change outlook on mental health

Dean Carlson, News Reporter March 10, 2022

The brain is one of the most important organs in a person’s body. It has many varying functions such as guiding motor skills, emotions, memory, touch, breath control and so much more. Therefore, mental...

M&M Makeover Makes Waves

M&M Makeover Makes Waves

Ella Mitchell, Copy Editor January 26, 2022

Shoes are a pivotal part of any outfit. Is it a chunky boot sort of moment, meant to spur on the inner badass? Or is it a basic I-really-don’t-care-but-also-look-at-my-crispy-white-shoes sort of Air...

Chole Gong’s Debut Duology Review

Chole Gong’s Debut Duology Review

Claire Wynkoop, Staff Reporter January 21, 2022

A madness silently overtaking the streets of Shanghai. A young, female heir to the Scarlet Gang returns home in hopes of earning her family's favor. The heir to the White Flowers, along with his two best...

Four writers who reflect the power words hold

Four writers who reflect the power words hold

Kailie Foley, Copy Editor January 6, 2022

My hand carefully traced old versions of Roundtable, Prospect’s literary magazine, saved in a large cardboard box. I was feeling past years preserved underneath my fingertips like a never-found ocean...

The Grimrose Girls review: the dark side of fairy tales

“The Grimrose Girls” review: the dark side of fairy tales

Ella Mitchell, Copy Editor December 16, 2021

Fairy Tales always end with the phrase, “And they lived happily ever after.” Right? Right.   In The Grimrose Girls by Laura Pohl, most of the fairy tales end with death. Brutal, brutal death.    With...

Tik, Tik… BOOM Out Shines Expectations

December 15, 2021

Perfect. That is all I can say about this film. The new movie “Tik, Tik… BOOM!” is one of the best movie musicals I have ever seen.    Directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda and music by Jonathan...

Photo courtesy of RV1864. Licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

The Case for Dressing Up to School

Marina Makropoulos, Online News Editor December 7, 2021

As I overheard a group of students talking about how weird someone dressed to school, I remember thinking to myself that having this said about me would be one of my targeted goals. If the outfit that...

cartoon by Ondine Cella

Pandemic Leaves Lasting Learning Gap

Marina Makropoulos, Online News Editor September 29, 2021

-----------------------------------------Continued from the Prospector--------------------------------------   As a Knights Inspired to Teach (KITT) tutor, I was helping a sophomore with their...

cartoon by Grace He


Ella Mitchell, Executive Entertainment Editor May 20, 2021

Frontier Days, for my family at least, is a week-long extravaganza. Our proximity to the Arlington Heights festival always makes for large gatherings that feature sweltering, face-melting heat that requires...

photo by Alexis Esparza

Year on Zoom Left Profound Challenges as a New Student

Bri Juszczyk, Executive Opinion Editor May 20, 2021

I am no stranger to being the new kid at school. I have moved a total of five times between second grade and now, my junior year of high school. Before I moved to Arlington Heights in October of this year,...



Maeve Molina, Executive Features Editor May 19, 2021

Since I was in 7th grade, every summer, I would take a bus filled with kids from my age all the way down to six-year-olds to Camp MacLean in Burlington, Wis. The stuffy coach bus filled with the sounds...



Genevieve Karutz, Executive Opinion Editor April 14, 2021

Well, the time was finally here. With my new Vera Bradley backpack draped over my shoulders, I felt anxious at the thought of my first day at Prospect. I had documented my first-day fears in a colorful...

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