In My Ears- Lauren

By Lauren Miller
Online Associate Editor in Chief of Broadcast
Who I’m listening to: Hozier
Favorite track: Take Me To Church

Hozier painfully gazing off into the distance only means one thing, we’re about to hear some great music.

Vibe: Bluesy indie rock; think a mix of John Legend, Kings of Leon’s slower songs, and a hint of 20s jazz.
Similar to: Daughter, Finish Ticket, and MS MR
Hozier is the exact image of a brooding hipster: scruffy facial hair, shaggy mane, flannel shirts and wearing a smug-yet-pained expression at all times. To top off his persona, all of his songs revolve around sex, death or drugs. But he isn’t any of the cliches he could be. Instead, he’s good, like really good.
New to the music scene, Irish born Andrew Hozier-Byrne released solo album “Take Me To Church” in 2013, with a chart-topping self-titled track. More recently, he released his diverse and layered EP, From Eden, in 2014. His sound’s main components include vibes of Americana blues, indie rock and jazz, which fit Hozier’s sulky persona perfectly when added together.
His pained words are exactly what I want to listen to when I revel in my teenage angst. His throaty voice matched with simple piano or guitar chords and a fair amount of “oohs” course through whoever is listening,making it nearly impossible to not belt out the lyrics with him. I have been known to accompany my belting with equally pained expressions and over-exaggerated dance moves. Mind you, I am not a dance nor a singer, but one can’t help doing both when listening to him.
Complex topics accompany his powerful songs as seen in hit song Take Me To Church, which discusses the controversial issue of homosexuality and the church’s often disdain towards them. When the pairing of his instruments, voice and lyrics come together, it creates an onslaught of emotion that has even brought a friend of mine to tears, seriously.
But for all of his complex and powerful songs, Hozier has lighter music as well — not in meaning, of course, because hipsters aren’t allowed to be happy, but in his sound –such as “Like Real People Do” or “From Eden“, that contain lighter notes and acoustic guitar, causing one to inevitably sway with him.
The thing about Hozier is that he has such a wide range of use. He is perfect for dramatically singing in the shower, throwing on to get some homework done, or brooding over your parents unfair and hypocritical behavior (a personal favorite). But, be warned, it doesn’t take long to get lost in his soulful music, not that that’s a bad thing.