TV Talk: Glee (12/2, "Mattress")

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The Glee club is cast to perform in a mattress commercial, which they liven up with their own performance to "Jump!"
Reviewed by Beth Rowe, Features Editor
Recap: Glee Club is not given a page in the yearbook, much to Rachel and Mr. Schuester’s dismay, but everyone else’s relief.  Mr. Schuester bargains with Principal Figgins, while Rachel attempts to get Glee Club celebrity status by arranging for them to be in a mattress commercial.  Mr. Schuester discovers that Terri isn’t really pregnant, and the Glee gets in trouble for working as “professionals.”  Mr. Schuester saves the team’s spot at sectionals by taking the blame for the commercial.
-Ken–passive aggressive, much?
-Yeah, Sue, I bet you weren’t using your tear ducts, you crazy harpy.
-Wait, their yearbook name is Thunderclap?  Really?  What is that, like a 70’s comic book hero?
-Patriotic wedgie: when one is hoisted up the flagpole by one’s own underwear.  How American.
-Why, may I ask, would a funeral parlor want to advertise in a high school yearbook?  Do I even want to know?
-Oh, yes.  Rachel is in the Black Student Union.  Let me be the first to say I am in no way surprised.
-Sure, Quinn, getting back on the Cheerios squad should be no problem.  Oh, wait, except for the fact that you are PREGNANT.  Crazyface.
-Mr. Schuester is such a wuss!  Whenever he gets in an argument, he just gives in and tells whoever he’s fighting with that they are right!  Either he is extremely non-confrontational or incredibly inept at debating.  Man up, girly-pants!
Rachel teaches Finn how to "Smile" for the Glee Club yearbook photo
Rachel teaches Finn how to "Smile" for the Glee Club yearbook photo
-I liked their version of “Smile” (the Lilly Allen song). It’s nice to see Rachel and Finn together.  But singing about enjoying other people’s tears seems slightly irrelevant for yearbook pictures.  Although considering what the other kids think of Glee, perhaps it is incredibly relevant.  And prophetic.
-Rachel’s mirror monologue (like most of her monologues) was incredibly awkward.  And Finn bailed on Glee–shocker.  That’s, what, the third time this season?  Make up your mind!!
-Why do they not get excited about the commercial until Rachel says it’s a mattress ad?  What is so exciting about mattresses?
-Mattress music video, in pajamas, featuring mattress air tricks (“Jump”) = epic.
-OK, Terri isn’t just a psychopath.  She is legitimately an awful person.  At least he finally figured out that the pregnancy was fake.  But seriously, dude, that was intense.  Does this mean he is going to proposition Emma?  If so, awkward couple award.
-Quote of the Episode!
Sue: If you’re hideous, stay at home!  Spend the entire day watching videos of a time when you weren’t too repulsive fr me to ever want to look at!
-No!!! Glee Club can’t be over!  How are they going to fix this?
-Dang, Quinn is sassy!  And not such a horrible person!  Rejoice!
-Your advice for him is to give himself a break?  How does that solve anything?  And how can you side with her, you crazy?
-Dude, Schue is a hero.  Taking one for the team.
-The second “Smile” (this one’s by Charlie Chaplin) was awesome!