Get to know 2015 Prospect's Got Talent contestants


By Erin Schultz (@erischultz) and Kelsey Philippe (@kelsey_philippe)

Walking down the band hallway this past Friday, it was almost impossible to hear yourself think. Auditions filled the air with the sound of drums, people singing, guitars strumming and nervous chatter. Although it’s happening earlier this year than it has been in the past, Prospect’s Got Talent has rolled around again.
Admissions are open to all Prospect students, their families, friends and community members.  Prizes are available for all who attend, and in years past, they have ranged from gift certificates to prom tickets and even parking passes.
The competition, falling much earlier on the calendar this year than it has been in the past, is said by the students to be just as great as it has always been. The biggest and greatest talents of Prospect are still coming out and gathering to compete against each other showing off their abilities. They will be judged by you, and judges. In order to win cash prizes and the title “Winner of Prospect’s Got Talent,” they’re going to need U. And let’s say you didn’t enjoy last year; no worries. Things are slightly different this year.
“There are always new acts and each year is something different; we never know what to expect,” said head speech coach Jeremy Morton.
So if you’re not busy Tuesday, Oct. 6 (and don’t worry — it is Homecoming Week, but Student Council doesn’t have anything else planned) head to Kulieke theater at 6:30 to get your seat and show your support for the talent performing and for our Speech team.