The 'Dinosaur Life' begins

By Mika Evans
Executive Visuals Editor

Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack performs at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Dec. 19.
Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack performs at Lincoln Hall in Chicago on Dec. 19.

Motion City Soundtrack has been an “indie” band since they formed back in 1997.  My Dinosaur Life is the band’s first album to be released on major label, Columbia.
Transitioning smoothly to the major label scene, the band’s new record is a piece of pop rock with Motion City Soundtrack’s signature uplifting music and singer/songwriter Justin Pierre’s depressing lyrics.
In the band’s new single, “Her Words Destroyed My Planet,” Pierre sings “If we’d only stayed together/ I might not have fallen apart/ But the words you served destroyed my planet.”
Although the lyrics are slightly depressing and their beats are uplifting, oddly enough, they fit together beautifully, like pieces of a puzzle.
The opener of the album, “Worker Bee,” shows off good dynamics and Pierre’s talent for artistically placed falsetto.  The album then transitions well into “A Life Less Ordinary (Need A Little Help)” which is overall one of the best songs on the record. The bass line is definitely special; intertwining beautifully with the vocals, drums and guitar to produce a witty and dynamic product.
Compared to the bright, poppy vibe of “A Life Less Ordinary (Need A Little Help)”, Motion City Soundtrack’s first single off the album, “Disappear”, is a much darker rock song.
All photos by Mika Evans
All photos by Mika Evans

In an interview for a web blog, Pierre said “Disappear is probably the darkest song on the record and I liked that I got to go really for notes with this kind of energy that I didn’t have on the last record.”
The energy Pierre has is obvious not only in the recording of their songs, but in his live performances.  During concerts, the entire band puts forth a strong energy that is rarely seen among musicians these days.  The audiences notice the effort that the band is putting forth, and they match it.  Jumping, screaming, crowd surfing, and moshing is all too common at a Motion City Soundtrack concert.
With the new record coming out, the plethora of energy that Pierre as well as the rest of the band put forth will be released today, Jan. 19.
Motion City Soundtrack fans: be prepared. The best is yet to come.