Artist of the month: issue 10


Caitlin Kelleher
Q- What style do you draw in?
A- I used to draw in a lot of anime styles, but since I’m not really into it anymore I like to draw more cartoon realistic, semi-realistic… When I was younger I watched a lot of cartoons and I guess I kind of wanted to recreate it on paper.
Q- How often do you draw?
A- Pretty much everyday, whether it’s doodles or things I’m working on for art class.
Q- How did you get into art?
A- To be honest, I don’t know, I guess I was looking for a hobby.
Q- What inspires you?
A- I think the possibility to get a job just so I
can get into college… so I can grow up and do what I want to.
Q- How do you get better and develop your art?
A- I pretty much practice with different materials and different styles… I like watercolors and markers.