By Amanda Stickels, Online Editor-in-chief

While scrolling through Schoology, some students enrolled in an AP class may come across the Talent Development Program (TDP) Schoology page.

TDP Coordinator Lyn Comer-Jaworski decided to create this page after meeting with the TDP Leadership Team, a committee consisting of two students from each school in District 214 that meets with district administrators once a semester to discuss how to improve and inform more students about AP classes and opportunities for high-performing students.

Prospect member of the TDP Leadership Team junior Alexis Gravagna helped suggest the idea of a Schoology page after noticing that many students fail to check their email every day but tend to pay more attention to Schoology.

On the Schoology page, Comer-Jaworski says that they will post information about career pathways, opportunities to talk to professionals in different areas and information on their Summer Enrichment Program, which offers classes such as photography, cooking, engineering and digital media.

At the next TDP Leadership Team meeting, Comer-Jaworski hopes to talk to the students about the overwhelming sense of expectations for students to take on multiple AP classes and how to alleviate some of this stress for students.

Comer-Jaworski also plans on arranging an early college night for sophomore and junior parents to talk about preparation for choosing colleges and to give parents who may not know much about the process more information.

“The goal of the TDP program is not only to provide students with the support that is needed in high school but also to make sure that they are college and career ready,” Comer-Jaworski said. “And with that we want to make sure that we are providing the framework for them to be successful in and outside of the classroom.”