By Manisha Panthee, features editor


Although the national Allergy Awareness Week is on May 13-19, Prospect’s

hallways were filled with teal posters and shirts this week instead.

“It’s good to let the community know that even within our school, there are

people who can be affected by the things around them,” said junior Mitchell Rutledge.

Due to graduation and upcoming AP testing, founder Annie Walsh and Tracy

Van Hoy decided to move up the events to this week. Members of the club helped put up posters, worked the informational table during lunch periods, and spread awareness overall.

“[Since it’s my senior year] I did try to make [this year] extra special by

coordinating and raising the funds to purchase the shirts,” Walsh said.

Walsh had planned this week starting a couple months back. Using money

earned from stylus sales and Chipotle fundraisers, 90 shirts were bought for certain staff members and a majority of the students in the club to wear on Friday.

Along with the shirts, there was a free raffle held for a Chipotle or Amazon gift

card, which were paid for by club funds. By making the raffle free, Walsh hoped it would encourage students and staff members to stop by and learn more about food allergies.

“This week was monumental for the club because we were able to advocate

for those with food allergies at Prospect and in the community,” Walsh said.