By Ayse Eldes, Editor-in-Chief

Sophomore Carmella Lange is recruiting Prospect students and families to sponsor or donate to the second annual Langehaumer Construction Charity Golf Outing. The fundraiser, aimed at funding projects of Misericordia, a community care facility for people with mild to profound  developmental disabilities, carries a special meaning for Lange, who has a family friend there.

“He loves it there,” Lange said. “I’ve never seen a happier kid. … They help these kids go with a normal lifestyle.”

Lange is working with the girls’ cross country team to potentially sponsor a hole at the outing.

Her dad is one of the donors to the fundraiser, and her sister is sponsoring a hole with her friends. Prospect students can volunteer at the event if donating is not possible.

Lange is also planning on approaching Prospect girls’ golf to get involved. The fundraiser will by on September 27 at the Rolling Green Country Club in Arlington Heights.

“This place helps [people] a lot when parents and siblings won’t really be able to help them,” Lange said.