By Elizabeth Keane, Staff Writer

Q: How long have you been teaching?

A: This is my first official year teaching. Last year I was a dance teacher at a studio in Highland Park and was the Orchesis assistant at Rolling Meadows.

Q: How long have you wanted to teach dance?

A: When I joined Orchesis [at RMHS] my sophomore year, I knew dance was something I couldn’t let go of. It is the perfect profession for me because I knew I didn’t want to be a dancer, but being a dance teacher gives me the best of both worlds.


Q: What’s the biggest difference working at Meadows vs. Prospect?

A: Not to say that Meadows was negative, but I think that everyone at Prospect is very open and welcoming. There is also a huge support for fine arts here which I didn’t always feel before.


Q: What do you like to do outside of school?

A: I like to workout, hangout with my friends and family, and cook.


Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching dance? Orchesis?

A: High school students are so overwhelmed all the time, but they are able to take the time in dance gym to relax which makes my job feel like it’s not a job. The [Orchesis] girls are all so talented and creative with each other which makes me want to push myself harder as well.



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