By Brendan Burke, Copy Editor

During the night on Thursday, August 29, a photograph began to circulate on group chats via Snapchat showing a student holding a weapon with a caption telling people not to come to school on Friday, August 30. 

A concerned student came across this picture and told his parents of his concern for Prospect students. The parents were quick to tell the local law enforcement of this unsettling image and the information was put in the hands of the Mount Prospect Police Department. 

According to an email sent out by Principal Greg Minter, the MPPD investigated the situation by searching family homes and speaking to the involved students and parents. After immense amounts of questions and searches, the MPPD was able to safely claim that Prospect was not in danger of any shootings or wrongdoing implied by the image.

Minter wanted to affirm worried families that there was no danger in coming to school on Friday and that all students were safe to go to school through his early morning email. 

Minter ended his email with a message for parents to talk to their children about situations like these and how it is not a laughing matter to make false threats towards a school, especially this day in age. Shooting threats are a very serious topic that Minter and the administration take very seriously.

“I want all students and parents to know that we mean it when we say it is safe to come to school,” Minter said. “We always take every claim seriously when talking about the safety of our students and staff.”