Game of Thrones raises social media platform



By Shannon McGovern, Copy Editor
The phrase “winter is coming” is now known worldwide, with over 170 countries streaming “Game Of Thrones.” It is no surprise that this hit TV series has rapidly become a cultural phenomenon. With an average of 17.4 million viewers a showing, this HBO show has topped the charts, but its viewership is not the only thing that has broken records.
According to Bruin Belisle, a writer for FanSided, the show has received over 46 million mentions on social media in the 30 days leading up to the season eight premiere. This is compared to other hit shows of Stranger Things at five million, The Walking Dead at three million, and American Horror Story with one million.
The reason the show is constantly spoken about on social media is simple: Game of Thrones was able to divide its audience from start to finish, according to New York Times writer James Poniewozik. It gives a wide variety of angles for fans to debate and post about, with multiple plot twists, major character deaths, and remarkable makeup and design.
Social Science teacher Brock Collins is a huge fan of the show and believes that the character development and writing of the plot is incredible. It does not surprise him that this show would raise the standard social media platform.
“I think [Game of Thrones] is a sensation,” Collins said. “People are just upset that the show is ending.”
According to Collins, fans will post about the show on their social media accounts when they are disappointed about something that happened in the plot or somethings that appeals to them character-wise.
The #gameofthrones has become the most popular tag used in social media history for a TV series. Fans post about things in their daily lives comparing it to major events in the season, using the stated hashtag.
And as this series comes to an end, many wonder how HBO will be able to create a show that can top Game of Thrones, as fans share how the show is different from any other they have seen before.
“I think that both the writing and acting are really good,” Collins said. “In the early seasons you were never sure who was going to live or die; there was always a plot twist you didn’t see coming. It was unpredictable, and I think that’s what made it so appealing.”