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Kailie Foley, Copy Editor

BTS member Jungkook dances to the comeback BTS song in a room full of posters of David Bowie, The Beatles, AC/DC, and Queen in one of the first scenes of the “Dynamite” music video. Bright skies, a record shop, a basketball court, a donut and burger diner, and a room full of disco lights are only a few of the scenes which add up to take each music video viewer back in time. 

Every unique scenic choice in the “Dynamite” music video brings a feeling of nostalgia and comfort to the viewers through the screen.

A feeling of positivity was spread fast considering the song “Dynamite” broke the record for the most views on a 24-hour music debut, reaching 101.1 million views after the video was released on August 20th. 

Although members of BTS RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook have agreed about the genuine connection between their music and listeners being more important than views, this record being broken truly shows how fast the song reached the hearts of individuals after it was released.

J-Hope talked about how the rappers singing in the song was a struggle in itself for him, but every member of BTS took on the challenge of working hard to learn the proper pronunciation for the song. BTS uses the English language frequently in their songs individually, but with the help of writers David Stewart and Jessica Agombar, BTS recorded “Dynamite”. 

Disco pop was a new genre for each member and English is a language that is not their first, so although the idea of the song was very new to them they each met the challenge of the song in the eyes with a drive in their hearts.

The song’s second music video, its B-side, was released on August 24th. The music video having an A-side and a B-side is cohesive with the retro theme of the song which was released on a vinyl record and a cassette tape on the Weverse Shop app.

The limited edition “Dynamite” vinyl record sold out fast, but I did manage to buy myself a copy. The retro theme and the positivity of the song made me feel like no matter how hard things were right now, that I could live through it all with music by my side.

The record is featured in the music video for the song in the record store with RM and in the hands of Jimin as he dances outside of the diner. 

After the song was released, a performance of “Dynamite” was shown at the MTV VMAs and shortly after The Billboard Hot 100 Chart was updated. BTS became the first all South-Korean group of musicians to take the place of number one on the chart. 

Every group member felt sincerely emotional after this outcome, and shared this on Twitter and Weverse with ARMY, their loyal supporters. Jungkook’s birthday now called for another celebration on the same date of the group’s major milestone, September 1st. 

BTS decided to stream on VLIVE together gathering around a cake for Jungkook’s birthday that Jimin had prepared for the date.

It was clear that they had more to celebrate when J-Hope brought out a purple handmade cake and began to place red hearts on the top. This second cake had been dedicated to every ARMY who helped BTS achieve a dream that originally seemed far away.

Jungkook shared that the accomplishment did not truly feel real to him yet. 

“Among all, ARMY felt the happiest for us,” J-Hope said as the other members agreed.

Suga decided to respond to J-Hope’s comment by saying the second happiest for the accomplishment was him, which made members laugh talking about Suga’s genuine excitement regarding the accomplishment.

RM shared that Jimin called him after hearing the news thanking RM for his work put into the song while crying. RM was about to go to bed, but he answered the call and responded by saying that Jimin did a great job, was the best and was loved by RM. 

Jin personally was moved by the accomplishment of the group and talked on the stream about how he loves that BTS and ARMY work together to achieve goals and in return celebrate together.

“We wouldn’t have topped the chart without ARMY’s love,” Jin said.

Starting out because of each member’s passion for making music and dancing, they never thought they could have reached a dream as groundbreaking as this. Thanks to ARMY, the group shared that they are where they are because of the support they receive and this achievement was previously unthinkable.

V spoke about having no dreams left because they had all already come true. This showed how truly content he truly was in the moment, but the members soon reminded him of more dreams like going to countries they have not all been to yet as a group.

Jungkook shared how content he was himself by writing a long post to ARMY on Weverse. He shared that his birthday was really happy thanks to ARMY and that it did not make sense to be number one. He said thank you again and shared that he really loved each person reading his message and hopes each individual member of ARMY has a life full of happy moments.

“This is… it seems like I was so happy and very good to be born. And we got number one in our name, but always remember, BTS = ARMY, so you have to think that you ranked first,” Jungkook said. 

V shared that he believes “Dynamite” is for everybody and it is about confidence and having fun.

 “I went into recording thinking and hoping that the song will be able to give ARMY some joy, and it made me really happy,” Jimin said on the Zach Sang Show.

BTS has once again proven with the release of “Dynamite” that their music gives their supporters hope by releasing a lighthearted song that can relieve the stress put upon people within their daily lives at a time when some individuals may truly need that hope to get through the day. 

The support in return comes full circle and provides hope for BTS to continue doing what they love no matter what challenges they face together.

Twitter user @kittievante shared opinions on the most valuable part of “Dynamite” being released on September 3rd. 

“Beyond the joyful song itself, hearing, watching, and observing how much it’s healed others makes me feel at ease. It’s truly healing.”