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M&M Makeover Makes Waves

January 26, 2022

Shoes are a pivotal part of any outfit. Is it a chunky boot sort of moment, meant to spur on the inner badass? Or is it a basic I-really-don’t-care-but-also-look-at-my-crispy-white-shoes sort of Air Force day? Or maybe you’re feeling really bold and plan on strutting down the halls of Prospect with the authoritative click of a nice pair of heels. Crocs? Docs? It’s an endless shoe paradox!

No matter what your choice is for the day, chances are it is the most important one you will make. Nevermind the mid-test crisis or the good ole question of “do I gun it on this yellow light or slow down.” Nothing compares to the end-all question that is shoe choice.  

In fact, your shoe choice can change the world. At least, that’s what the marketing team at M&M is hoping. In a recent redesign, M&M has changed the shoes of all of their characters. 

According to a statement made by Mars, Incorporated these changes were instilled due to their “global commitment to create a world where everyone feels they belong.” 

Through … shoes, I guess. I really don’t think this is the statement you think it is, M&M. 

The brand will also see changes beyond just the shoes, the statement continues. The overall feel of the characters and brand is meant to be “a fresh, modern take” on the M&M characters with “more nuanced personalities to underscore the importance of self-expression and power of community through storytelling.” 

Green M&M, aka Miss “I’m too busy shining to throw shade,” has swapped out her go-go boots for a pair of white low-top sneakers. The go-go boots are go-go-gone and replaced with “cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence.” Because Green can’t be confident in her boots, apparently. No, she is pulling a major Uno-reverse on us all by not being “not like other girls.”

Brown M&M — formerly known as Ms. Brown — has lost her gendered prefix in the new redesign. Never fear though, she is still a girlboss at heart. Just with heels “lowered to a more professional height.” Wow M&M, thank you for this groundbreaking piece of feminism you’ve offered. Truly, revolutionary. 

Both Red M&M and Yellow M&M have really spiced things up as well with shoes with — wait for it — laces. Both original characters from 1954, the changes to their characters were much more minimal. Red is still the cocky little M&M with an ego so large it could float off into space and Yellow is … well, still being absolutely clueless about literally everything.

Blue is the only one who has seen little to no change, as he is still vibing in his Mickey Mouse/Ugg confusion-shoe-fusion combo. Luckily, he is still living out his childhood dream to just be happy. Which, he said in a profile at M&M is “delicious irony [given] that I’m always blue.” 

In short, these changes to the iconic M&M are nothing short of groundbreaking. M&M diversity is exactly the world needs right now. This shoe switch-up is paving the way to a better future— one step at a time. Nevermind any of the other pressing matters going on globally right now. No, the shoes solve it all. Thank you, M&M for shoe-wing us the way. 


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