Photo by Beth Klicker.

Katie Klicker – Lacrosse

Q: Where did you commit and for what sport?

A: “I committed to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse for lacrosse.”


Q: What led you to make this decision to play a sport in college?

A: “I really wanted to continue my lacrosse career into college and play on a whole new level. I haven’t been playing lacrosse for that long and I wanted to see where college lacrosse could take me.”


Q: Why did you choose this college?

A: “I really liked everything the college had to offer. I liked the campus a lot and it had my major and I liked the size of the school. Another bonus was that … I really liked the girls on the [lacrosse] team. The coaches seemed really nice and I just thought it would be a good fit. 


Q: What are you looking forward to about playing a sport in college next year?

A: “I’m looking forward to playing at the collegiate level because lacrosse rules are a little bit different once you get to college, so I’m looking forward to playing at a higher level. And just learning more and getting better at lacrosse. And then also playing with a new team.”


Q: Who do you have to thank for helping you on this journey for your athletic career?

A: “I would have to thank Coach Ringo for teaching me how to play lacrosse, and for being my Prospect coach and club coach since I started playing lacrosse. And also my teammates for pushing me.”

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