Samantha Patterson – Cross Country

Q: Where did you commit and for what sport?

A: “I committed to Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. I am committed for cross country and track.”


Q: What led you to make this decision to play a sport in college?

A: “When I was a sophomore, I went to this big invite down in Peoria for cross country. Prior I hadn’t wanted to run in college. My mom really wanted me to run, but I didn’t really like the sport very much. I liked it a little bit, but I didn’t want to do it for a long time. And then just seeing the collegiate race there and then running that race and having a really good race. I just suddenly was like, okay, this is something I want to do for a long time.”


Q: Why did you choose this college?

A: “It was actually off of my list. It didn’t have nursing, and that was something really important to me. So, I was planning on not going. And then my friend was like, oh, you should meet the coach. We already have it all set up; you should just meet him, and I met the coach. And I realized, oh, I want to go here. It was just like a whole lot of clarity … I ran with the team and it was just such a good environment … [The coach] is such a genuine person … It wasn’t like he was trying to advertise the program. He was just like talking to you. Then right after I committed they ended up announcing they were going to have a nursing program, so that was perfect.”


Q: What are you looking forward to about playing a sport in college next year?

A: “I’ve only run for four years in my life. I’m excited to progress and continue on with the sport. I’m excited for the different competition. I’m excited to run with different girls and to get to know other girls and different team. I really liked the course; it is super cool. The home course is on a farm. I’m excited to grow in talent and grow in the sport in general. I like running and I want to get better at it.”


Q: Who do you have to thank for helping you on this journey for your athletic career?

A: “Definitely my friend Anna. She was the one that introduced me to Taylor. All of her siblings go there. She ended up committing to the Air Force Academy [for cross country], but she’s so supportive and I think she knew this college would be a really good fit for me. She helped set up the [meeting] with the coach, and I would not be going to college if it wasn’t for her family.”

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