A new system of entering and exiting the parking lot is to be unveiled next month. Everybody who has a parking pass when arriving at Prospect will need to type in their ID and parking pass number into a new and modern parking gate to enter the lot every morning. Then once you type in your information, you’ll receive a slip of paper that will be your ticket out of the lot at the end of the day.

Afterwards when leaving, drivers will need to scan their ticket with new machines being put by door 30 to validate their paper. Drivers who fail to scan their ticket will receive an automatic detention at the gate before being let out of the parking lot. If a student ends up getting three detentions due to the new parking system their pass will be revoked by the school.

The goal for the new system is to help reduce traffic and congestion at the start and end of the day. However, many student drivers, such as an anonymous senior The Lampoon spoke to, argues that these rules harm students more than help them. 

“These new rules are so stupid. I go in and out the field house doors every single day, so how do they expect me to go all the way to door 30 to get a stupid piece of paper? NO!”

A sophomore who wanted to remain anonymous was also upset when they first got this email sent by the attendance office earlier this week.

“It’s already been difficult to park in the lot without a pass, so this is really upsetting to me. I drive to school on my permit every single day and have to be late to school every day because I am totally unable to get a pass.” the sophomore said.

“I can’t understand why they ever think about us when making these rules. Like, I will never be able to park in the lot again because of this, which sucks.”

But even as questions remain unanswered from students around Prospect, these new rules are here to stay according to a statement given to the Lampoon from the attendance office.

“We understand the concerns brought by students at Prospect, however, these new rules will help keep the campus safe and help ease congestion in the surrounding neighborhood. Once the new system is introduced on April 1st we will reevaluate to see how we can improve the system! If students refuse to cooperate they will be punished to the fullest extent. So drive safely!”

The new rules will take effect on April 3rd and will be reevaluated on May 1st to see if any changes will be made. But for now we will have to live with these new changes for the time being.

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