Vytautas “Big Arms” Abromaitis Jr. is the teams captain.

Vytautas “Big Arms” Abromaitis Jr. is the team’s captain.


For the first time in school history, Prospect’s flag football team will be heading to state after beating the Hearsay Huskies 49-42 in the IHSA Semi Finals. Going into the game, Prospect was a heavy underdog with Hearsay being favored by two touchdowns.

The team is led by captain Vytautas “Big Arms” Abromaitis Jr. who missed the state playoffs last season due to a groin injury he sustained in the last game of the season. He would end up running all over Hearsay using his famous ”flying P” formation, gaining a school record 236 yards out of 34 rushing attempts, while also scoring 3 touchdowns with his small legs. Not to mention his two punt returns he would also score for touchdowns as well.

However, as time was running down in the fourth quarter, Hearsey had the ball at Prospect’s 35 yard line and looked like they were going to win the game until Hearsay’s quarterback snapped the ball and rolled out left. 

As he rolled out, his flag somehow came loose while attempting the pass, which led to him grabbing his flag and giving his team a flag guarding penalty. Instead of having the ball at the 35, it would end up pushing the ball all the way back to the 50.         

The previous moment led to Abromaitis making his first heroic moment of the game when he intercepted the ball and brought it back to the Hearsay 20 yard line. Plus a 15 yard penalty would be tacked on for an illegal tackle at the end of the play, which pushed the ball all the way to the five yard line.

Then, with 4 seconds left and the ball in the no-run zone, Abromaitis ended up catching the game winning touchdown in the back of the endzone with no time on the clock in a victorious fashion to win the game.

After this, his team and the entire student section would storm the field in celebration. Everybody crowded the P on the center of the field still in shock from the play they saw to win the game. 

But out of all of the celebration, tragedy would strike as a Hearsay player got into a brawl with a Prospect fan. Not letting one of their own get beat up, other Prospect fans started fighting with Hearsay players and then ultimately fights broke out amongst students.

As the battles waged out on the field, the Prospect players carried Abromaitis out of the stadium chanting “Big Arms” as they headed to the locker room. The brawl would continue until the police were called and suppressed the rioting students.

In total 43 people were arrested in what is being called “The Malice at Gattas.” Students will also be banned from attending sporting events for the rest of the school year due to the brawl that took place as well, according to a statement released by Prospect. 

But who cares about a silly old fight anyway, let’s celebrate the momentous accomplishment that our flag football team accomplished!

Next week, Prospect will face the Wheaton Wildcats at the University of Southwestern Illinois to decide who the best flag football team is in the state.

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