Prospect’s 2023 Retirees

Kathy Klaczek, Driver’s Ed/SpEd and Jen Genovise, Security ESP, are retiring this year but requested to not be featured on this page.

Vicki Poulos

Frank Briody

Ben Mitchell, KTV Live Associate Producer

Q: What about Prospect led you to stay after student teaching here? A: “I liked the environment and at the time I was interested in coaching soccer [and] there was an opening, so I coached boys and girls soccer and taught math right away.” Q: How would you describe your experience at Prospect? A: “It’s been wonderful, such a good community. A good mix of school, sports and activities...

Jan Pacini
Joan Shaffer
Janice Sokolik
John Kenney
Cathy Hill
Doug Berg
Seul Maureen

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