Post Prom to hold new fundraiser

By Maddie Conway
Executive News Editor
While many events or organizations that fundraise have a certain time frame during which they raise money for their cause, Post Prom fundraises all throughout the year for its annual midnight cruise with the Mystic Blue boat and transportation for it.
This year, the Post Prom is trying out a new fundraiser: a craft show that will feature different vendors from organizations in the community.

The event, called the Prospect High School Post Prom Snowbird Craft Show, will be held on Sunday, November 21, 2010 in the field house and gyms. Applications for vendors are being accepted now.
Snowbird Craft Show Chairperson Mary Nyborg said the Post Prom Committee, for which she is the secretary, hopes “to be able to build the craft show to the point where it could eventually cover one full year of expenses” for the cost of the midnight cruise event and its transportation.
Tickets to Post Prom cost $30 each due to the Post Prom Committee subsidizing half the price of the cruise ticket in order to make the event more affordable for students. In total, the event usually costs $30,000-36,000 to hold.
Nyborg said Post Prom hopes to secure between 100 and 200 vendors for the show next fall. She also emphasized that the show is an open event, particularly for organizations at Prospect.
Booth space costs between $50 and $110, depending on the size of the space and whether or not the vendor needs a table. There will be an informational meeting for Prospect organizations interested in participating in the show in May, date and time still to be announced.
To download the vendor application and rule sheet, click here.
“Our efforts to attract both outside and PHS vendors is ongoing,” Nyborg said. “We want the show to be diverse and interesting. Additionally, our hope is to also bring together as much of the Prospect community as possible.”