YouTube Video of the Week: Tron Legacy Literal Trailer

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There isn’t a better way to spend your afternoon than looking up YouTube videos with a bunch of your friends.
After seeing “Vampires Suck,” and losing a few IQ points from the movie, my friends and I spent part of our afternoon searching and watching YouTube videos. We came upon many different videos like a guy a little too happy with the voice changer on iMovie and a video game where you can try and hit Justin Bieber with a water bottle (we had perfect aims, thank you very much). We eventually found this video, Tron Legacy Literal Parody.
The Tron Legacy movie trailer is already exciting enough and adding in the fact that it will be in 3D is thrilling, but when a song about what the characters are doing is added in, it makes the trailer exciting AND funny. A perfect combination making you excited for when the movie comes out in theaters on December 17.
– Emmy Lindfors