Meyers 'Dreames' Shakespeare's play onto stage

By Riley Simpson
Associate Editor-in-Chief
The Prospect theater will play home to William Shakespeare’s “A Midsommer Night’s Dreame,” starting tonight and continuing through Friday and Saturday, with each performance at 7 p.m.
According to director John Meyers, Jr., “Dreame” is a romantic comedy about misunderstandings.
Athenian lovers Hermia (senior N’Kole Burke) and Lysander (senior Tom Hanley) elope and run to an enchanted forest since they aren’t allowed to marry in Greece, while another Greek couple, Demetrius (junior Nick Cartwright) and Helena (senior Morgan Riedy), chase after Hermia and Lysander.
Meanwhile, Oberon, the King of the Fairies in the forest, plans to trick his wife by charming her with a magical flower that makes her fall in love with the first thing she sees.
“It’s one of Shakespeare’s more complicated plots,” Meyers said. “[However], there’s nothing extraneous to it; it’s just a tight little plot. It moves along very nicely.
“It’s going to be as unique and straightforward and original as ‘A Midsommer Night’s Dreame’ can be,” Meyers said. “It’s also going to be in 3D!”
Check out Issue 5 of the Prospector, which comes out on Thursday, December 16, for more on Meyers’ Prospect directorial debut with “A Midsommer Night’s Dreame.”