I'm with you

Red-Hot-Chili-Peppers-Im-With-You-Front-Cover-57453By Matt Bajkowski
Sports Editor
For the first time in five years, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have released an album titled “I’m with you”. Everything is new about the album, the style, the influences, and most importantly, this is the first RHCP (Red Hot Chili Pepper) album with new guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

Unfortunately for Klinghoffer, if I did not know that he was in the band I would have no idea he was even playing his instrument. All of the songs, except for Brendan’s Death Song and Did I Let You Know, are heavy bass songs.  Not to say that the songs are bad, but I would like to feel that Klinghoffer actually added something to the album instead of some simple funk riffs in the background.

The songs that do feature more guitar are the better songs on the album too, which left me a little unsatisfied as a listener. I will always look for a highlight in any song because I am a fanatic of RHCP, but even I can not help but feel unimpressed by Klinghoffer.  The times that he does crank the volume on his amp though, sound like something John Frusciante would play.  If I am going to get the same sound as having Frusciante, I want him back in the band instead of Klinghoffer.

But even with Klinghoffer’s unimpressive contributions to the album, Flea, Anthony and, Chad have come together again and continued to create great music. All the songs have catchy, heavy choruses, and most of the songs feature a great funky beat, supplied by Flea and Chad, that anyone could groove to.

Overall the album pays off more in excitement for fans and catchy choruses than in the addition of a new guitarist. If looking for a small sample of the album, I would pick up the three middle songs Look Around, Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie, and Did I Let You Know. The first two songs will give a good idea of the funk parts of the album and the final one will cover the melodic songs.

Although the anticipation of the album was disappointing in the end, the music is still good, and different from other RHCP albums in the past. It offers a lot of entertainment value, even if you only pick the best songs off the album for purchase.