Band will celebrate at Band- o- Rama

By Khrystyna Halatyma
Features Editor
Band-o-Rama is a chance for band members to perform one last time for friends and family members at the end of the season. The festivities are held indoors in the field house on Nov. 13. It provides a chance to bring closure to all members, especially if it’s their last year.
“It gives the seniors a chance to play the show one last time for everyone,” said senior Julie Winter. “Just a good way to end the season, not abruptly.”
The ceremony includes student recognition, especially senior band members. Seniors recieve a gift, the last few years it has been a mug, that they can take with them after high school to remember their band experience. Another part of the ceremony is dedicated to a slide show of band pictures from throughout the entire season and includes baby pictures which seniors submitted.

“It’s really sad [it’s my last year],” said Winter. “I keep saying, ‘Oh, I want to be a super senior and stay in band one more year’. I’ve been in band all four years [and] you get really attached to it.”
“Everyone has a great time,” said Lisa Loeffler, one of the band booster presidents. “It’s become a tradition the underclassman look forward to.”
But Band-o-Rama is not just for the students, it also appreciates all the staff members, teachers, instructors and volunteers who have helped throughout the season.
“We thank all the parents and all the people who spend so much time at band,” said Loeffler. “It’s a great culmination activity to the marching year.”
As band director Chris Barnum puts it, “It’s really a day to celebrate everyone”.
“Cherish every moment you have in band because it’s going to fly by so fast,” said Winter. “I still feel like we’re still doing our first competition or we’re still in band camp. Just like that, you’re going to graduate.”