Good Reads: My Unfair Godmother

By Tess Bauer
Online Editor
Every little girl has wanted a fairy godmother. Someone to make their biggest wishes come true. A person to wave a magic wand and “voila!” all is right in the world.
When I was little I would watch Disney movies like Cinderella and want a fairy godmother of my own. I always thought I would be smarter than Cinderella and make my first wish a wish for more wishes and then have anything I wanted. At that age, it would probably be an endless supply of candy and at least five puppies. My fairy godmother would have wings, a wand which she would wave around to grant my heart’s desires, and leave a trail of sparkles everywhere she went.
Tansy, the main character of “My Unfair Godmother” by Janette Rallison, is down on her luck. Like Cinderella, Tansy gets a fairy godmother to grant her three wishes. Unlike Cinderella, Tansy’s fairy godmother is actually a “fair” godmother, meaning she only got average grades in fairy school. She also doesn’t exactly give off the grandmotherly vibe one would expect for a “fair” godmother. She wear make-up is in to fashion and has a job collecting teeth for the tooth fairy.
So when Tansy’s three wishes do not go according to plan it isn’t a big surprise. With Chrissy Everstar’s (her “fair” godmother) ‘help,’ Tansy transports Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men to the twenty-first century, and gets thrown in to the Middle Ages to recreate the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin. The only good part is the help she gets from the handsome police chief’s son, Hudson.
“My Unfair Godmother” takes classic fairy tales and gives them a modern twist. Not only are the characters totally lovable, but Chrissy Everstar is always throwing in a new curve ball when you least expect it.
This story honestly made me ‘LOL’ more than a few times. For someone who loved reading fairytales as a kid, seeing them in a new light was interesting and fun. This ‘happily ever after’ made me smile long after the final The End.
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