SaftySuit delivers with long awaited album

By Jenny Johnson
News Editor
It only took four years, four months and ten days, but SafetySuit with “These Times” came out Jan. 3. 
This album is extremely different from their last album “Life Left to Go,” though that happens most the time when a band is gone that long. Unlike other bands, this change was a good one.
Do not get me wrong, I loved SafetySuit before, but the lyrics go with the problems in the world and the music goes with the upbeat of our times. And no, I do not mean songs like “Party Rock Anthem.”
A thing that bothers me the most is the lyrics are pretty much all the same. Sappy little love song, but you do get the occasional break up song. So you are either thinking of your special someone, or the one you just broke it off with a couple of months ago. But that is how all songs these says are, or partying.
The music though is different in every single song. Upbeat in one song, slow acoustic the next.   The music is something you listen to when you are in the best mood or hit next and you got your worst day ever mood.  
Even the lead singer Doug Brown’s voice sounds different in almost every song. This is what I love about them though. Hearing artists that have great lyrics, but all their music is the same beside changing the cords on the guitar a little and speed up the drums, ruins the artist in my eyes. SafetySuit has great lyrics, music, and a very talented singer.
In the time off that Safetysuit had, Brown co-wrote “Hey Soul Sister” with the band Train, though Brown never stopped writing. Once the album was done, SafetySuit got a great chance to show people that they are back by touring with the band Script.
On Sept. 17, my friends and I went to go see the Script and got the pleasant surprise of SafetySuit as well. These days you can not tell a good singer from bad with all the technology. Well this is not the case for them, if anything, they sound better live.
Overall, though I could get sick of all the happy love songs or sad break ups, this album is a definite winner in my eyes. Hopefully they will not make me wait this long for a new album next time.