Best Dahm songs

By Aungelina Dahm
Staff Writer
Track: Rumour Has It
Artist: Adele
Album: 21
Genre: Pop
Release Date: February 22, 2011
Ladies, this one’s for you.
On her second album, “21”, Adele sings of loss and vulnerability with a pure, assertive voice that burns with fury.
Many of you might be familiar with her very overplayed songs, “Someone Like You”, “Rolling In The Deep” and “Set Fire to the Rain”. But just in case you didn’t know, she has produced other songs besides those three.
“Rumour Has It” is purely about getting revenge on that one guy that has always caused you the most pain. It has all these little twists in the song that tell the complete story of their relationship.
It’s kind of like saying, “You were happy with her until I pulled you back to me, but then I ended up playing you, and then leaving you to go to a better guy” … Actually, that’s exactly what it’s saying.
Besides the whole getting back at him thing, the lyrics can teach you that all those rumours that seem to be true, aren’t.
Near the end of the song, she makes sure these words are clearly heard: “Just ‘cause I said it, it don’t mean that I meant it. People say crazy things.”
Anyone that listens to Adele must be thankful for the guy that caused her all these heartbreaks, or else we could never have any of these songs to relate our own pathetic little love stories to.
Actor and musician Slinky Sunbeam is the man that “21” is allegedly based on. So we can all thank him for being blessed with this wonderful album.
I would probably suggest this song for the girls that want to get back at a guy. Let them go through the pain they put you through! It’s just perfect.
So cuddle in bed with your two best friends Ben & Jerry, grab some extra chocolates while you’re at it, and blast some Adele while watching “The Notebook”. Wonderful night, guaranteed.