Best Dahm Songs

By Aungelina Dahm
Staff Writer
Track: Good Girl
Artist: Carrie Underwood
Album: (Going to be released on May 1)
Genre: Country
Release Date: February 24, 2012Before you skip over this article because you’re thinking to yourself, “Ew I hate country music, it’s not mainstream enough,” don’t judge a song because of it’s genre or it’s stereotype. Give it a chance and expose yourself to something new.
A lot of you may know Carrie Underwood as the cute little southern girl from “American Idol” that supposedly hasn’t produced anything since her “Idol” debut. Well, jokes on you. Underwood has become one of the top names in country music for years.
Her new single “Good Girl” made it to the top of iTunes Top Charts for Country Music, and the second spot for the top chart on all of iTunes, just below “We Are Young.”
If you have read last week’s blog, you already know I love these revenge artists that write songs to get back at all their exes . . . Well, here’s another one.
“But he’s really good at lying, yeah he’ll leave you in the dust. ‘Cause when he says forever, well it don’t mean much. Hey good girl, so good for him. Better back away honey you don’t know where he’s been.” You go Carrie Underwood, you go girl.
Moreover, this song just makes you want to dance. Being a dancer myself, I can tell that it’s one of those songs that you dance and sing along to alone in your room with a hairbrush in hand. Whoops, let that secret out didn’t I?
Not only is the music portion phenomenal, her voice is what I call a “goosebump voice.” She has such a pure, smooth voice that is easy on the ear. On the other hand, she can make make it strong and almost raspy sounding, especially in this song. It almost sounds like she is straining her voice, but that’s what makes it amazing.
Underwood has such a natural vibrato in her voice, and the extent and rate of it amazes me.
‘Vibrato’ you ask? It’s the change of pitch in a singer’s voice, in case some of you needed that extra english lesson.
What can I say? I’m a country girl at heart.