Jack's desserts

By Jack McDermott
Staff Writer

Shamrock Shake

If you didn’t have time to check out Miranda’s video on this treat, here’s a quick recipe to make your own!

Ingredients (makes two shakes):
1)  3 cups vanilla ice cream (any kind works)
2) 1 ½  cups whole milk
3)  ½ teaspoon min extract for more minty flavor, ¼ for McDonald’s flavor
4)  Green food coloring (6 drops is what I used)
1)  Combine all ingredients in blender until blended.  Top with whipped cream and clover sprinkles for a more festive look.
McDonald’s first came out with the famous Shamrock Shake in 1970 and began selling the shake nation wide by Feb. 8, 2011.  Since then, America has fallen in love with the treat.  However, after many law suits in the last few years, not everyone is putting their trust in the McDonald’s ingredients.  By making your own Shamrock Shake, every ingredient can be handpicked, but the final product will only taste the same or better.