Wacky News

By Nabi Dressler
News Editor
The story: Girl Scouts in Tyngsborough, Mass., sold cookies outside a Walmart in Hudson, N.H., or so they thought. When the troop leader, Dianna Mines, went to a bank to make the deposit of the $258 the troop had earned, she learned someone used four counterfeit $20 bills to “pay” for cookies. These Girls Scouts were raising the money for a May hiking trip to meet other troops across the state in celebration of the 100-year anniversary of Girl Scouts.

My take: Stealing from Girl Scouts, that happens? Who’s unethical enough to steal cookies sold by preteen girls in front of a local Walmart? Apparently, more people than you’d think; people have stolen cookies from Girl Scouts in Wisconsin and Iowa, too. At first, I was surprised that stealing from an organization dedicated to empowering girls wasn’t an uncommon occurrence. In tough economic times, I guess these thieves needed food and resorted to the worst in order to get their hands on the addicting snacks. One thing can be said in their defense; we all know Girl Scout cookies taste so darn good. Don’t pretend you haven’t downed a box of them within an hour.

The story: Republican congressional candidate Dan Dolan accidentally spoke at a Democratic convention in Albia, Iowa. A Republican convention was to be held in the same place but two hours later.
My take: If you’re running for a seat in a state’s Congressional District and speaking at a convention, make sure your staffers get the political party right. Dolan and his team got a minor detail, the time of the event, mixed up, but it made for major embarrassment and, I’m just assuming here, a fair amount of jokes from the Democrats listening to him.
One Democratic attendee had to inform Dolan that he was speaking to the wrong crowd after he’d finished his spiel. Though Dolan stated the Democrats there were “nice about the mix-up,” I think that attendee who pointed out Dolan’s blunder had his vote further confirmed by the mishap (kidding). Kudos to Dolan for being a good sport, finding humor in the situation and learning to ask whether he’s in the right place before he starts speaking.