Best Dahm Songs

By Aungelina Dahm
Staff Writer
Track: July
Artist: Drake featuring Jhene Aiko
Genre: R&B/Rap
Release Date: early 2010
Drake has gotten me through some tough times, and has helped me enjoy some of the most greatest times of my life.His words that he uses in his songs are some of the most inspiring and relatable things I have ever heard. If I were to ever meet him, I would go into ultra fan girl mode and maybe slip out an “I love you” in the process.
There are many songs that don’t get a lot of recognition as some of his others do. One of his most famous quotes, “They always say the hottest love has the coldest end”, actually comes from the song “July”, which is a track that not a lot of people know about.
Many rap listeners judge him because he’s so “mainstream”. When really, it’s just the songs that are popular off of some of his albums that are mainstream. Drake has other mixtapes dated back to 2008 such as Comeback Season, Room For Improvement, Congratulations, Heartbreak Drake and many more.
Compared to the other rappers in the industry, none of them can do what Drake can do. He raps about his life, his experiences, his family, and that’s why I’m the fangirl I am today. Adding on to this, not only does he act and rap, he sings. His voice is what really gets me. Even though he doesn’t sing very much in “July”, Jhene Aiko adds a very smooth, pure voice to the song.
In songs such as “A Night Off” and “Houstatlantavegas” his voice really comes through. It’s one of those voices I call the “goosebump-voice” because it just gives you the shivers when you listen to it.
The first time I heard “July”, it was in my head for the rest of the day. It isn’t a kind of song that would be played at a party, but it’s not a slow song by any means. It’s one of those kind of songs that you blast in your room while getting ready to go out, or something you’d play while walking with your friends somewhere in the summer.
OK, so maybe I’m a bit biased towards Drake, but what’s not to love? He’s got it all. Also, before jumping to the conclusion that he’s “so mainstream”, he has more songs than those five or six that are repeatedly played over and over again on the radio. Trust me, I should know. I have 119 of his songs on my iPhone. . . That’s not too weird, is it?