Best Dahm Songs

By Aungelina Dahm
Executive Sports Editor
Track: A Little Bit Stronger
Artist: Sara Evans
Album: Stronger
Genre: Country
Release Date: March 7, 2011
This one might get a little emotional.
So lately, I’ve been looking for a little pick-me-up to make myself feel a little better, and I came across this song. Country music has always been a huge part of my life. I love it because the artists sing the exact words that describe their feelings with no hidden meaning.
Recently, things haven’t been going as planned in my life, and when I’m getting ready for school in the morning, singing along with this song on my phone makes me believe for a second that I’m getting stronger, before I have to face reality again.

“Woke up late today and I, still feel the sting of the pain, but I brushed my teeth anyway I got dressed through the mess and put a smile on my face. I got a little bit stronger”, are the first lines in the song. Right away, the song gives you motivation to go on and keep moving.
As the song goes on, it describes the events that are in a typical day and how each event gets handled. While listening to it, you can experience those little goals that make you get stronger. For example there is a line that says, “It doesn’t happen overnight, but you turn around and a month’s gone by, and you realize you haven’t cried”. It’s those little milestones that you experience that can be a huge stepping stone.
Personally, there are times when I hate love songs, and then there are times that it’s all I listen to. I have my days that I go out with people and have the time of my life while blasting those feel-good songs all night and day. But on the other hand, there are times where I just stay at home, curl up in my bed, ignore all my texts and play Adele and Taylor Swift on repeat until I fall asleep.
So if there is a time in your life where you just feel that you need to rebuild a few layers of the brick wall lining your heart, listen to this song on repeat for a few days, and you’ll be set.
Sarah Evans- Little Bit Stronger