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Tuning into Static

By Danielle Church
News Editor
In 2009, Rihanna broke up with her boyfriend Chris Brown because he had beaten her so badly, that she needed to be hospitalized. After that, it seemed as though whenever Rihanna came out with a new album, she was always trying to have a bad girl image. It got really annoying after awhile.
She released albums that were way too hard core such as “Rated R,” “Talk That Talk” and “Loud.” Songs were either full of heavy rap or some had lyrics that only talked about sex. It did not seem like she was the Rihanna everyone used to know and love.

However, Rihanna released a new album called “Unapologetic” on Nov. 19 that is making her bad girl image start to seem like a good thing. Many songs like “Diamonds,” “Right Now” and “Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary” on the album are very catchy and are not overbearing like some of the past songs she has made such as “Birthday Cake” or “S&M.”

Although, the most surprising thing about “Unapologetic” is that she recorded a song with Chris Brown called “Nobody’s Business.” The two may not be couple of the year, but they make some pretty good music together.

I mean personally I would not want to record music with the guy that beat me to a pulp but hey, whatever works for them.

Rihanna’s “Unapologetic” will make you just want to get up and dance, and honestly that is the most important thing about music. If it can make you have a good time, the artist has done their job right.

Rihanna has done just that. She has no need to be apologetic this time because her album blows all of her past music out of the water.

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