Best Dahm songs

By Aungelina Dahm
Executive Sports Editor|
Track: The Morning
Artist: The Weeknd
Album: Trilogy
Genre: R&B/Soul
Release Date: November 13, 2012
I feel like for the past few times I have written this blog, it’s been really deep and conceptual and provokes your thought but I’ve gotten sick of that.
Well, since I got my license and have started driving, I made a ton of my CDs that I could cruise to. One of them being solely dedicated to The Weeknd.
The R&B/Soul genre name can be a little confusing when applied to The Weeknd. Yeah, it could be classified into that genre, but it also has extremely definitive bass beats in all of the songs.
So as an example, I recently found the song “The Morning.” It is easily one of the best songs to chill to in your car.
Yeah it’s basically about strippers making money but still, you just want to straight out jam to it once you turn it on.
The main reason why I love The Weeknd so much is because of their variety in the industry. Their isn’t a lot of male R&B singers that can incorporate rappers into most of their songs but still get recognized by the entire younger generation.
Not only that, but let’s face reality. Basically any musical genius comes out of Toronto. Look at Drake, for example. He brought something new to the rap industry and his impact will always be remembered, as will The Weeknd’s on the R&B genre.
One thing that The Weeknd has done for me to gain so much more respect for him was his opener, “D.D.,” for his mixtape Echoes of Silence.
“D.D.” was short for “Dirty Diana,” the classic Michael Jackson song about a ruthless seductress. So first off, he had balls for opening with a cover of a Michael Jackson song. He was not only a pop genius, but a legend.
The Weeknd did sing the song well with capturing his unique pitch and intensity. And even though that was a pretty bold move for him to take, the reactions in social media were extremely positive.
Overall, The Weeknd is the new chill artist coming up in the entire music industry. Counterculture turned mainstream.