Lorde's extended album continues success of "Royals"

Abby Sunu

In-Depth Editor

It’s always sad to see a great new song turn into an overplayed and almost unbearable song because every radio stations only plays it along with annoying commercial breaks. However, when I flip through the radio stations skipping over stations that only play “Timber” by Kesha or “Wake Me Up” by Avicci, every time I hear the familiar sound of Lorde’s voice I keep my hands off the dial.

Even though Lorde’s first single, “Royals” is overplayed by most radio stations, it never gets old because her style of music isn’t like most mainstream pop artists. After hearing the release of her song, everyone wanted to hear more. She then released her album “Pure Heroin” in late September which became an instant hit.

However, those 10 amazing songs were not enough, for the fans kept wanting more, so Lorde released an extended version of her album on December 13th. This album contains six additional songs including, “No Better”, “Bravado”, “Million Dollar Bills”, “The Love Club”, “Biting Down”, and “Swingin Party”.

After finding out the album had even more to offer, the first song I listened to was “The Love Club”. The beginning of the song starts off with a similar beat as the beginning of “Royals”, so immediately I was hooked. This song is more upbeat and unique as Lorde sings she then stops mid-song along with all instrumentals, after a two second pause she picks up again. She repeats this pattern multiple times throughout the song which I find really unique.

I was very satisfied after hearing “The Love Club”, so I then listened to “No Better”, AKA my new favorite song. Lorde’s voice sounds as if she is speaking in a deep tone, but she manages to transition to a light and softer high pitch tone. I hear this pattern and it gives me the chills especially when she sings, “I see you happy in the front seat/ I see you with all of your front teeth/ You’re allergic but you never said/ We’re getting dead and it’s the right way.”

Both of these songs gave me a certain rush, “Biting Down” also gave me the chills, but in a bad way. The song starts out creepy and just gets even creepier from there. The whole song is basically Lorde singing an eerie voice “it feels better biting down” over and over again. I love Lorde’s dark attitude and vibe, but this song belongs in a scary movie, not my playlist.

If you’re looking for a more upbeat song, “Million Dollar Bills” is a perfect fit. A fast beat along with a loud sound brings a very different style from Lorde. This song sounds like something the band Sleigh Bells would sing because it’s very loud with a steady and catchy beat.

All these songs make up Lorde’s great extended album. I am extremely impressed with this album because not only does it sound amazing, but Lorde is also the same age as I am and is already a successful artist. She has won over seven awards and traveled the world performing while I sit in school and struggle to learn calculus. That being said, I give her lots of credit because this album is unlike any other pop album out there today. Overall, the extended version of “Pure Heroine” will give you a rush…literally.