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The Student News Site of Prospect High School


The Student News Site of Prospect High School


Mean Girls The Musical, was it fetch?

Mean Girls The Musical, was it fetch?

Kaia Mavradas, Features Reporter February 27, 2024

Sitting in the passenger seat of my friend's car, I was belting my heart out to the soundtrack from Mean Girls, the Broadway musical, that was blaring throughout the car. Wearing my hot pink jacket, I...

The Book of Clarence refreshes, but leaves much to be desired

The Book of Clarence refreshes, but leaves much to be desired

Dylan Maye, Arts & Entertainment Reporter February 12, 2024

On November 8th, 1979, Monty Python’s Life of Brian was released and was almost immediately lambasted by fundamentalist Jews and Christians alike. People protested at movie theaters where it was playing....

(photo courtesy of Slate)

Society of the Snow: a stunning film

PJ O'Grady January 18, 2024

Juxtaposition at its finest. A beautiful landscape is met with a horrifying disaster in this survival thriller. Based on a true story, J. A. Bayona directed a masterpiece as he tells the story of the trials...

From the Frontlines, Continues to Show There’s Always More to Tell

From the Frontlines, Continues to Show There’s Always More to Tell

Jocelyn Farina, Copy Editor December 18, 2023

The color film was first seen for the public in 1932. To shoot with it cost three times more than using plain, old, black and white. That’s why most footage we have of World War II (WWII), is usually...

Image courtesy of Netflix

The Killer rivets with a unique take on guns-for-hire

Dylan Maye, Arts & Entertainment Reporter December 6, 2023

Picture this: you’re sitting down on your couch to watch the latest Netflix action-thriller, and after a hyper-stylized opening credits sequence, you start the movie staring at Michael Fassbender sitting...

Photo courtesy of USA Today.

‘Priscilla review’- was there really “Burning Love?”

Sarah Matzkin, News Reporter November 28, 2023

I sat down in the theater with my friends and our overpriced popcorn (obviously I snuck in my own snacks, but don’t tell AMC), and settled in for the hour and fifty-minute movie I had no expectations...

Taylor Swift movie poster.

Taylor Swift stadium film: are you “…Ready For It?”

Lucia Peshek November 20, 2023

After ten albums, four re-recordings, and 243 songs, Taylor Swift made the executive decision to go on what she calls “The Eras Tour”. After Swift noticed that many of her fans were left unhappy when...

Amber Moore (Rose McIver) stares lovingly into Prince Richard’s (Ben Lamb) eyes at the Christmas Eve Ball. (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

A Christmas Prince: Royally Awful— And I Can’t Wait To See It Again

Sage Gilliland, Copy Editor November 20, 2023

A Christmas Prince is so cheesy it would send a lactose-intolerant person into anaphylactic shock. The representation was dubious. The cinematography was about as bland as expired milk. The romance was...

(Photo from Netflix trailer)

The wonderful story of Henry Sugar nests a tight, amusing tale

Dylan Maye, Arts & Entertainment Reporter October 18, 2023

Back in September of 2022, Netflix purchased the rights to childrens’ author Roald Dahl’s body of work, amid a tumultuous period of debate over his books’ content. They started making plans for adaptations...

(Photo courtesy of

Too early for spooks? Not if they’re spoofs!

Justin Peabody, Copy Editor September 27, 2023

It’s the end of September, and that means it’s time to carve those Jack-O-Lanterns, string up those orange and purple lights, stick those spooky gel decals on your windows, and watch movies horrifying...

Backlash online resulted from images like these from the Maestro trailer (Photo from Netflix trailers)

What it means to be a Jewish film-goer

Dylan Maye, Arts & Entertainment Reporter September 17, 2023

Aaron Marnstein had been going to the movies for years and years, and never really had a problem with feeling under-represented in the films he watched. Every time Marnstein, a Jewish man, sat in front...

Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime

Recap on Marvel’s recent releases

Dylan Heber, Sports Reporter December 13, 2022

The heroes that have filled our fanatic gauges of minds for the past 90 years: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Panther, and Thor; Just a few names that come to mind when you immediately think of...

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