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Candy = gross

Emmy Hating candy
By Emmy Lindfors
Opinion Editor
When people say they love Halloween, they normally love it for  dressing up and receiving candy.
I am in love with Halloween. I love the spookiness of it all. I begin celebrating Halloween in late August. I have Halloween music on my iPod all year round. I go to Walt Disney World to celebrate Halloweenin mid-September or early October.
There are three things I don’t like about Halloween. One is when Halloween is over and the Thanksgiving decorations come up. Two, is the creepy yet cool talking machine guy at Target, who talks too much. Then his movements start off  of the witch next to him, letting a whole chorus of Halloween sayings be blended together and becoming super annoying.
The third is candy.
I hate candy. I don’t understand how people can like it.

My idea of candy is any of those candy bars, chocolate chips, taffy or anything like taffy (Air Heads) and anything that has been overdosed with sugar.
No one in my family exactly knows how I got the hating-candy gene. My parents like candy as do my aunts, uncles and cousins. My grammy even likes the occasional candy bar. My family and close family friends understand that I don’t like candy and they don’t go all crazy on me.
Of course, not everyone knows how much I dislike candy, so I would receive it in a birthday present or in a birthday party goody bag. When I got my braces off, my orthodontist gave me a huge package of candy that normally people love and cannot have while having braces. Teachers tend to reward students with candy and I would always pass. When I would trick-or-treat in elementary school, I trick-or-treated with my friend and gave him all my candy. He was more than happy. When he would come over, he had his own candy bin that was stored in our pantry.
So every time someone offers me candy I always reply with the same four words: “I don’t like candy.” I would then get a reaction as if I was from another planet, had three heads and seven eyes.
“What do you mean you don’t like candy? How can you not like candy? Candy is amazing!”
After brainstorming ideas in my Journalism class, my editor Miss Candy Lover Gina offered me candy. I went through the normal “I don’t like candy” process and got the same reaction.
Of course, being Opinion Editors, we all have to say our opinion. Gina is especially opinionated  (have you read her articles?) . She was shocked and started ranting about how “amazing” and “delicious” candy is.
No. Candy is definitely not amazing. I don’t like candy because it’s unhealthy nor the fact that it makes people sick. That’s not why I don’t enjoy candy. I don’t like candy because it has never appealed to me in any way, shape or form. I have tried some candies, but none have appealed to me. Every candy I have tried when I was little, I couldn’t stand. I didn’t like the smell of it nor the way you have to constantly chew it. It doesn’t make sense to me how someone could like a sugary, sticky piece of food. Let alone some random foods combined and covered in chocolate. How is that tasty? Why would you want to walk about chomping on something, not being able to talk? Let alone have a chunk of candy stuck in your teeth and not being able to get it out?
I’ve been in candy stores and have never been tempted to get a piece. I was never the kid who would go in there and be like, “I want that candy! Oh that pink one is pretty!”. No, I wanted stuffed animal pug dogs and anything Disney.
I’ve gone to Hershey, Pennsylvania and didn’t eat a piece of candy. Even with all the candy you receive walking around in the hotels and getting off the rides.

I know, shocking.
I accept you people who decide to eat candy until your stomach aches and your teeth hurt. You go out and trick-or-treat, getting candy which is like your treasure. You rush home, sort your candy with your friends, deciding who gets what and what no one will eat. Once that is done, you eat it all and reply to your sick stomach as, “It was totally worth it.” Also throughout the year, you will find yourself stopping in the candy aisle at a store and debating on what to get and if you have enough money.
You won’t be finding me in a candy aisle, unless I’m following my parents around in a store, like a puppy.
With Halloween quickly approaching, candy loving Gina, is, of course, looking forward to the free candy, while I am looking forward to the Halloween atmosphere and the music.
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    tom swanOct 30, 2009 at 2:29 pm

    great job emmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy halloween