Tim Will wins Bleeding Blue award

Wills headBy Eva Schacht

News Editor

The Bleeding Blue award was introduced about 5 years ago and is awarded every year to teachers that represent Prospect in a positive way and encompaces everything that Prospect values, more commonly known as “Knights’ Way”.

This year, the Bleeding Blue award was awarded to math teacher Tim Will.

“There’s a lot of very dedicated people who do a lot of work [here at Prospect],” Will said. “Winning the award isn’t that important to me.”

According to Will, what was appreciating to him was that somebody had written up a nomination letter about him, explaining how dedicated he is to teaching students.

“It made me feel like what I’m doing is appreciated,” Will said.

This isn’t Will’s first award. In his 38 years of teaching here at Prospect, he is most knowingly accredited for winning the Outstanding Contribution Award a few years back.

Will has always had a passion for teaching. His father was a teacher and also owned and operated a summer camp.

One of the main reasons Will wanted to become a teacher is because you get to have the summer off.

“I always liked working with people,” Will said. “I found out from [the camping experience] that I liked teaching.”

Senior Allie Brask who has Will as a teacher really admires his dedication and passion for teaching students.

“He’s really supportive of students and wants them to succeed,” Brask said.

According to Brask, he checks up on students regularly and it’s easy for most students to be able to talk to him if they’re struggling.

“He’s empathetic and understands you [when you need help].” Brask said.