Principal's Advisory Council permits student discussion, grievances

image (3)By Rachel Parks

Staff Writer

The Principal’s Advisory Council is a group that meets once a month during lunch hours with Principal Michelle Dowling, Associate Principal Scott McDermott and Assistant Principal Luke Pavone. Students discuss a wide range of topics at Prospect based on improvements that could be made within the school as well as questions the students have.

Friday, April 4 was the final meeting of the 2014 school year. Among the topics of discussion were the pep assembly that took place the same day, construction improvements at Prospect, the Twitter competition in District 214 and various questions the seniors have as graduation is rapidly approaching.

Since the pep assembly included many new changes, a large portion of the meeting was centered on this. Sophomore Rachael Chambers liked how more people attended since it was in the morning; however, she also thought it was uncomfortable having so many people in the the bleachers with their backpacks.

Dowling says that it has not yet been determined if the rest of the pep assemblies will be in the morning, but she does believe that they will continue to be student run.

Another major topic of discussion was various fixes around Prospect. Dowling explained that summers at Prospect are on a three year cycle: the first summer nothing happens; the second, summer school occurs; the third summer is when construction takes place. Prospect’s current cycle has construction set to take place in summer of 2015.

Because of this 2015 schedule, students’ complaints about broken doors in either girls bathroom and an inefficient parking lot will have to wait to be resolved.

“We make a list of everything that we want to see changed in our building,” Dowling said. “Then, depending on funding and what’s available, we go down the list and prioritize.”

The list for summer 2015 is focused on more public areas, which means that the parking lot and bathrooms will get done then.

The whole point of Principal’s Advisory Council is so Dowling can hear the students’ opinions on how to improve Prospect. This is an important event for students because it is their best chance for their own voices to be heard, and to be part of change.