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Science Olympiad medals in 16 events

By Krzysztof Chwala

Staff Writer

During the Science Olympiad regional competition on March 22, senior Fatima Eldes whispered about human anatomy with her teammate Emma Sidlauskatie, being sure that no other teams heard them.

They did not want to give any teams any help as everyone is trying to do their best to finish in the top three. The top six schools for each regional advance to the state competition, so teams are pressured to medal in as many events as possible.

According to head coach Kathleen Brej, the team did very well, as they medalled in 16 events, eight at both the varsity and junior varsity levels. Nevertheless, they did not qualify to further compete at the state competition.

The competition consists of 22 events, at both varsity and junior varsity levels, ranging from “Anatomy & Physiology” to “Boomilever”, a competition for which contestants build a structure able to withstand as much weight as possible. All events are done with partners.

According to Brej, the nature of all events is different. Events for which students build a device prior to the competition require less work at the event and is merely “crossing your fingers and hoping it’ll work like the other 10 times you’ve done it.”

Contestants prepare for months; some spend weeks building structures while others teach themselves material for the competition.

“[Preparation] is as intense as you want it to be,” junior Vishwas Hogirala, a member of the varsity Science Olympiad team said. “If you’re dedicated and want to do well, you will study a lot and put a lot of time into it.”

But for Eldes, the competition is not just about winning.

“In the future I want to have a science-related career, and topics, especially anatomy and physiology, really interested me as I never actually studied them,” Eldes said. “[Science Olympiad] was a way to further my interest and knowledge in science.”


Varsity medalists: Sophomore Zanghia Abbey, Senior Kathleen Alicoate, Freshman Michael Alicoate, Sophomore Jonathan Ampalloor, Sophomore Heather Dao, Sophomore Jon Dixon, Sophomore Jeffrey Lin, Sophomore Ariel Maret, Freshman Madeline Roman and Sophomore Marisa Romanelli

Junior Varsity medalists: Eddie Brown, Joe Doner, Katie Gravagna, Lillian Hermes, Adrian Kapustka, Dongyoung Kim, Taylor Peters, Karina Petrunova

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