Students brace for AP exams

photo (20)Mike Stanford

Staff Writer

920 students in all grades are signed up for a total of 1,690 Advanced Placement (AP) exams that will be administered at Prospect from May 5-16.  The goal of each student is to score well enough on their exam to receive college credit.

Approximately 60 more exams are being taken this year than last year when there were only 1,631 exams.  Part of the increase is due to early registration that was instituted for the first time and a new Chinese language and culture test, according to assessment center supervisor Janice Sokolik.

Despite registration being open about four months earlier than in previous years, a mad rush to sign up still took place as students raced to sign up in the final days prior to March 14 deadline.

The causes for students to wait include procrastination, considering the financial impact of each test is $89, and many students wait to find out what tests the college of their choice will accept.

As the May 5 AP test start date fast approaches, students are beginning to prepare for their exams.  Among these students is sophomore Juliana Harr.

Harr is taking the world history test this year and last year she took the human geography exam.

Harr studied by reviewing her notes and quizzes, and she is taking the same approach this year with the added supplement of essays she has written for her AP World History class.

Harr also attended review sessions led by her AP human geography teacher Michelle Fonsino, which she accredits to her success.

At these seminars students can ask questions about the subject in addition to playing review games.  Harr plans on attending sessions held by her AP world history teacher Jonathon Kaminsky.

Multiple classes including psychology, calculus and human geography are hosting their first review sessions this week.

“Our teachers are really great because they have those review seminars,” said Sokolik, “And they highly recommend that students attend them.”