Ten things to do before you graduate

In addition to the story titled Things to do before you graduate in our print publication, here is ten more things to do before you graduate…

Go to a concert: Whether it’s a huge festival like Lolla or a smaller showing of an up-and-coming band, concerts are rites of passage. Take a group of friends along, and you’ve got a fun night dedicated to a mutual appreciation of music. Or venture alone and meet new people with similar tastes, no doubt leading to many an animated conversation. -Ellen Siefke

Take a parent-free vacation: Grab a group of friends, pack your bags and embark on a journey into adulthood. With no one to wake you up at 8 a.m. to see that one cool lighthouse and nothing set to do, your and your pals are about to discover way more about each other than you ever wanted to know. -Ellen Siefke

Get twelve hours of sleep: Cut yourself some slack and remember what it’s like to go to bed at a reasonable hour. No more of those all-nighters. Don’t worry about your calc homework or your psych project for the next day. Kick back, relax and turn on the TV (if you can find any good shows) to lull you to sleep. You will thank yourself the next morning. -Eva Schacht

Go to as many PHS events as possible: As a senior now, it’s weird to think I won’t be walking these halls next year. There is so much going on at Prospect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, that it would be a missed opportunity to check out what our clubs and sports have to offer. Your time here goes fast, so take some time to see the next musical, buy tickets to the show choir End of Year Show or support your classmates in their next track meet. Go out and become part of Prospect’s community — when graduation day comes, you’ll be glad you did. -Erin McGovern

Try new things: High school is the last opportunity you will have to really go out of your comfort zone and try sports or activities that have always interested you. Even if you don’t feel like you’re good enough at it, go ahead and give it a try because whether you make it or not, you’ll never be haunted by “what if.” -Erin McGovern

Learn to cook: Let’s face it: how many of you can actually last a week on your own culinary devices? Without your mom (or dad) there to serve up dinner, you’d probably fishing for scraps under the table. And those leftovers every other day have to come from somewhere. As hard as it may seem, start by consulting with your parents or whoever makes the meals. Offer to help a few days a week with dinner and gradually pick up some tools of the trade. As you become more practiced, offer to make dinner a couple times and go from there. You’d be amazed as you go on in life at how many people don’t know how to make even the simplest of dishes. -Ellen Siefke

Take responsibility: In high school, teachers and parents breathe down your neck a little less, and it’s your responsibility to prioritize. Take it from someone who learned the hard way: your mental and physical health are infinitely more important than your GPA. If you need help, academic or otherwise, speak up. Find positive ways to channel your stress. For example, write for catharsis, not only for MEAT-Cons. Take classes you can actually handle, not what you’re told to take. Most of all, realize you’re not a number. You get to decide for yourself how to balance school, extracurriculars, work and so forth. Be confident in your reasoning; it’s your life, so take ownership of your choices, regardless of what they may be. -Nabi Dressler

Have a classic ’80s movie marathon: Whether you are a John Hughes fan (“Breakfast Club” is pretty much life) or in the mood for an action packed movie like “Die Hard,” grab some friends and spend a day hanging out watching ’80s movies. No matter what movie you choose, you can never go wrong with “The Goonies.” – Molly Mueller

Go into the opposite sex’s bathroom: We’ve all thought it before; “what does the boys’/girls’ bathroom look like?” If you’re at Prospect late at night with no one around, why not take a peek? What’s the worst that could happen? No one’s going to know, so go for it. -Shannon Smith

Learn to do laundry: This skill is essential in college. Like, absolutely 100% essential. Learn now, while you’re still at home where Mom can show you the ropes, so you’re not standing with a handful of quarters looking hopelessly at the foreign machine in the basement of your dorm building. -Meghan Doyle